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Our company model is centered on serving our clients, who serve as the best indicator of how we are doing. All our innovations, aim to deliver processes that are consistently higher-quality, more effective, and more sustainable.


Around 1500+ employees call Apollo Fashion home and each one brings exceptional talent, raw creativity, and a deep understanding of the customer they’re creating for.

Smarter Production Processes

Our company’s roots are in manufacturing, and we have earned a reputation for producing goods of the highest caliber at the most competitive prices. We have high standards because we are dedicated to ethics and excellence.






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An end-to-end manufacturer of lasting, responsible fashion

Why Global Brands Trust Us

Our creative and analytical teams work in an unimaginable harmony. Our clients trust us for the strategic value we bring to not just their collection but also business.

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Bringing Fashion And Sustainability Together

Our commitment towards a sustainable future looks into social, economic, and environmental aspects, so that we may start to colour the landscape green, one dot at a time.

Ethical Sourcing

Ethically sourced vegetable tanned leather from certified tanneries, recycled fabrics and water-based adhesives

Waste Recycling

Using recycled lining fabric in jackets and metal free, chrome free product in leather

Energy Conservation

Switched from petroleum-based fuel equipment’s to PNG-Pipe Natural Gas which has a higher dispersion rate.

Replaced fluorescent lights with LED light fixtures across our production facilities.

Water Harvesting

Our Effluent Treatment Plants provide a highly efficient treatment of wastewater. Almost 30% of our water requirement is met by rainwater harvesting in our factories.

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