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Our People Help Us Foster Excellence

Apollo International offers an inspiring environment, ongoing opportunities for growth, constant innovation, and work-life balance. At AIL, we are determined to provide more than just employment. We provide fresh career paths that cross over with our business in a way that allows you to reach your full potential and accelerates our expansion. We are adamant that only our employees, with their innovation skills, can help us run our business efficiently.

Discover what makes Apollo International
a sought-after employer

A strong, consistent, and meritocratic HR framework helps AIL in maintaining a forward-thinking work environment where talent with a purpose is drawn and engaged. The entrepreneurial culture at AIL attempts to inspire all employees to play an integral role in the organisation’s growth. 

Learning and Development

Apollo International nurtures high-potential people inside the organization and offers them opportunities for accelerated learning and development. There are various vertical and team-level initiatives that help hone the skills while, on the job

Diversity and Inclusion

AIL is made up of people representing diverse nationalities, cultures, genders, abilities, age and experiences. This creates a very enriching and holistic working environment where every employee engages, contributes and eventually grows in the workplace.

Growth Opportunities

Our businesses are shaping key sectors of the modern economy. This creates an abundance of opportunities for people to shine, learn a ton and create a massive impact.

Working at Diverse Businesses

From building safe and sustainable engineering projects to achieving manufacturing excellence in automotive and fashion industry to transforming how the world move goods, each of our business has grown to play a part in truly empowering and shaping a new India.