The people who spur us to our summit and inspire us to aim higher

Onkar S Kanwar

Chairman & Managing Director, Apollo Tyres

Onkar Kanwar is a visionary entrepreneur and the man behind the establishment and phenomenal success of the Apollo Group, a leading Indian conglomerate with diversified interests globally.
Onkar Kanwar is a Science and Administration graduate from the University of California. His core principles of creating stakeholder value through reliability in products and dependability in relationships are visible in all aspects of the group’s operations.

Raaja Kanwar

Chairman & Managing Director,
Apollo International Limited

Raaja Kanwar is the founder of Apollo International Limited, a part of the Apollo Group and a rapidly growing company in itself.
Though the family business ensured a natural progression for Raaja into the tyre business, led by a vision of ‘Nurturing Entrepreneurs through Partnership’ and a passion to forever venture into the unknown, Raaja Kanwar founded Apollo International Limited (AIL).